AI-Recruiter is a fully integrated secure recruitment platform powered with AI (Artificial Intelligence).  AI-Recruiter features ATS (Applicant Tracking System), AI-Proctor, AI-Interviewer, and AI-Exams.  It also encompasses an analytics dashboard for monitoring charts in a single pane of glass dashboard.  AI-Evaluation is featured with 360-degree evaluation for good communication skills, behavior, as well as the confidence of candidates, automated interview, and exam evaluations.

HiringTek’s AI-Recruiter software comes with the most affordable pricing and saves valuable time compared to the manual hiring process.  AI-Recruiter is featured with ATS, recruiters have leveraged the AI-based technology to make their jobs easier and enable them to hire the best candidates with proven job skills.


Job Post

Job post broadcasting directly reaches the candidates. HiringTek’s job post module powered with AI helps recruiters to gather only qualified candidates and advance to interview scheduling which takes less time with qualified candidates. HiringTek integrates with all the tools more effectively and efficiently.


Candidates can submit multiple job posts in one submission. Artificial intelligence is smarter and more advanced, this allows candidates to update their skills, resume and cover letter and apply for the job application in just one click.

Resume screening

AI based resume screening software is built by AI algorithm and goes beyond just the keywords by screening the resumes contextually. HiringTek’s automated resume screening has a vital role in reshaping the concept of recruitment from pre-screening of resume, hiring to on-boarding.

Virtual Job Fair

HiringTek’s AI-Recruiter platform is built with the most advanced technology AI-based recruiting software gives solutions for the virtual job fairs and saves travel time from both candidates’ and recruiters’ point of view.

Campus Recruitment Support

Our advanced software feature will support the flow of campus recruitment, starting from when candidates apply for jobs to taking interviews, and then shortlist the top rank candidates. Artificial Intelligence based platform automates the campus recruitment support and reduces the recruitment panels time and improves the quality of hiring on-campus recruitment drive.

Hassle-Free Interview Scheduling

HiringTek’s AI-Recruiter is the best interview scheduling software which enables its users to manage the scheduling interviews automatically. It makes scheduling interviews easy, saves time, reduces cost, to the company, schedules multiple interviews, and streamline the scheduling interview process. HiringTek’s got all the scheduling features such as automated interview scheduling, calendar management, meeting room booking, dynamic interview scheduling, device syncing, availability preferences, and automatic reminders.

Automated Evaluation Reports

An automatic evaluation tool powered with artificial intelligence allows the recruiter to evaluate the candidate’s interview data in the AI-Evaluation module. Our customized reports measure and give detailed reports of candidates.

Final Candidates Ranking

Based on the automatic evaluation reports the final candidates ranking will give results to the recruiters for quality of hire. This feature is built using NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning to rank the candidates accordingly. This tool helps the recruiter to match the candidates to the position requirements and finalize potential candidates.

Analytical Dashboard

HiringTek’s Analytics dashboard gives a fully automated colorful graphical user interface powered with artificial intelligence (AI). Dashboard design is integrated with real-time data-driven and analytics reports give dashing dashboard.

REST API Support

RESTful API (Application Programming Interface) is a standard software architecture resource that supports the application data formats. The RESTful model is helpful for cloud services based on service through an API, which is a matter of controlling the program.

Fine-grained Notification System

HiringTek’s notification system with a fine-grained policy control system introduces the scalable real-time notifications, which provides gives a hassle-free user interface to the customers. This notification system is powered by artificial intelligence to inform users about the new features, new software updates, new messages, new mails, communication, and reminders.

RBAC (Role-Based Access Control)

We have designed the role-based access control (RBAC) to restrict access based on the users’ role within the organization. RBAC is secured with restricted system access to authorized users and gives role-based permissions, relationships make it simple to perform the easy user interface.

Customize country-specific formats

HiringTek has come up with different country-specific formats and designed our AI-Recruiter software to reach out to worldwide customers. This feature gives every country standard date formats and changes the date formats for each specific country giving importance to global users too.

24 X 7 Chat / Email Support

Our customer service systems are highly integrated with 24/7 live chat and email support which provides instant guidance whenever required. HiringTek has well-trained resources to provide 24/7 support and service to our clients. Our 24/7 chat/email support services are offered through real-time live chat and email service to the users.