The AI-Proctor software monitors every possible way to conduct remote interviews and exams in a secure and fraud-free environment. AI Proctor provides companies trust and confidence to hire best-in-class candidates in the industry without resource involvement. HiringTek uses proprietary advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and pinpoints exact video frames where suspicious activities are detected.

AI-Proctor has unique advanced features like face comparison, individual voice recognition (voice bio-metric), screen monitoring, screen share application detection, Gaze tracking, video recording, and fraud detection. AI-Proctor is integrated with HiringTek automated recruitment and exam platforms which are powered by AI Bot.

Facial Detection

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Deep Learning algorithm drives HiringTek’s face recognition feature. The most advanced technology serves multiple purposes validating when candidates take interviews and confirming students’ identity during the exams.

Voice Recognition

God has given each human being a very unique and bio print voice. AI-Proctor will use a unique voice recognition system (Voice Bio-Metric) to detect any changes in the voice. The microphone will be checked continuously to make sure there are no other sound variations. Also, the speech will be recorded and converted into text.

Screen Monitoring

The AI Proctored screen monitoring feature records the screen using screen recording. It reports any suspicious movement or activity, such as if the user changes the browser tab or opens any applications while taking the interview. The recorded video will be highlighted with markers to exact video frames where suspicious activity was detected, which to save the tremendous amount of time taken to review the suspicious activity.

Screen Share Application Detection

The screen share application detection feature validates whether any screen share software is running while the candidate is attending the interview or taking an exam. A report is also sent to the conductors with the specific name of the application. This helps to eliminate fraud during exams or coding tests committed by personnel who did not apply for the job.

Gaze Tracking

HiringTek’s AI-powered gaze tracking process and analysis are much more powerful, faster, and cost-effective. Our solution for gaze tracking understand the key areas of interests (AOIs) and does coding automatically with accuracy.

Video Recording

The video interview can help recruiters to judge the candidate's facial and voice expression through analysis to assess his/her personality traits. Recruiters can playback the video interviews at any time anywhere with our advanced AI-based video recording tool.

Fraud Detection

Fraud detection uses machine learning (ML) to deploy the AI-proctor module which helps to better understand the screening process and ensures that candidates are taking the interviews or exams for themselves. Using machine learning in fraud detection has more benefits such as increased accuracy, better prediction, cost-effective, better classification, easily scalable and more importantly faster & efficient detection.