Our advanced AI or algorithm-based AI-Interview module uses smart video interview software that makes hiring easy.  HiringTek has special AI-Interview features such as automated video interviews, oral interviews, customizable time limits, identification of suspicious activity using video markers, and automated scoring powered with AI-Bot.


Scheduling the interviews

HiringTek developed the automated interview scheduling technology like conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence) for convenient scheduling of interviews and reduces the time in hiring process. Our AI-Recruiter module keeps a track of every scheduled interview and manages calendars for a hassle-free interview process. HiringTek gives a delightful hiring experience to our clients to hire potential candidates more efficiently.

AI face-scanning

AI face-scanning technology is a capable of matching a human face from an image or video. This feature has the ability to detect and identify facial expression while conducting an interview to avoid any fraudulent activities. Face-detection algorithms detect the frontal human face and compare the information with a database while taking the interview.

Automated Video Interview

AI-based video interview is an automated on-demand platform, which structures the way for remotely interviewing candidates. HiringTek’s fully automated & powerful All-in-One ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software is smartly designed to take the video interview with automated scheduling. Video interview platform reduces the time-to-hire and gives a great first impression for the candidates attending the video interviews.

Oral Interviews

Oral Interviews are well crafted with Natural Language Processing (NLP), speech recognition, and tone analysis, with decision-making as one of its main features. Oral interviews contain pre-defined structured questions with detailed answers that will match up with the candidates' answers to auto evaluate their responses to the interview questions. The oral interview helps to reduce human errors, is available 24/7, and provides digital assistance with new inventions.

Customize Time Limits

HiringTek’s AI-Recruiter designed a time limit feature for all the video & oral interview questions, answers must be provide within a specified time limit for the given coding, aptitude or math questions. Recruiters can conduct the interviews as per the scheduled time and date automatically. This feature gives candidates more like a virtual, visual questionnaire and less like an interview.

Integrated Chat Support

Our customer service systems are highly integrated with 24/7 live chat and email support which provides instant guidance whenever required. HiringTek has well-trained resources to provide 24/7 support and service to our clients. Our 24/7 chat/email support services are offered through real-time live chat and email service to the users.

Playback Interview Recordings

Recruiters can play and analyze the interview recording to evaluate the best talent acquisition. This feature gives first-hand information, which is a more effective form of communication. HiringTek’s AI-based interview recordings will be available 24/7 and can be viewed and played back at any time. The interview recordings can also be shared to higher authorities for further review.

Interview transcript

HiringTek’s fully automated interview transcription is organized and accessible record of the interviews taken by the candidates. This AI (Artificial Intelligence) interview transcript feature takes only a few minutes to transcribe the live interviews with good clarity and quality converts them into text and uploads the files to the database.

Highlight suspicious activity with video markers

During the live interview process, the software automatically highlights any suspicious activities and reports them to the hiring authorities. This feature enables potential security against threats when using these algorithms to monitor live interviews for any suspicious activities. Artificial Intelligence is used to scan the entire screen during the interview process and detects any fraudulent activities and transforms the reports for evaluation.