HiringTek is a cloud-based AI-Exams module with a fully automated exams platform powered by AI Bot.  AI-Exams platform features are automated self-driven exams, coding assessments, object-oriented tests, customize time limits, confidence evaluation, etc., with high-end proctoring to read candidate’s face movements.

Automated Self-driven Exams

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) proctored exams use a combination of AI and human proctors which keeps an eye on the applicant/test taker during the online certification exams. This feature has the ability to read candidate’s eye movements and detect any suspicious activities. The exams can be scheduled online and be taken anywhere at any time remotely or at the office, also the exams digitally proctor candidates while they take the exam.

Object Oriented Tests

HiringTek has developed the software to take the test or exams for object oriented aptitude questions and also for mathematical questions for the certification exams. We offer various types of questions like multiple choice, fill in the blanks, single choice math, and etc., for the convenience of exam conductors.

Programming or Coding Tests

In the software recruitment hiring process, we have designed our software to match the recruiters for introducing the programming or coding questions for software candidates. Using this feature candidates can write the real time program or coding steps and execute the answer within the same window.

Support Aptitude, Math & Reasoning questions

Our software will support all types of aptitude, math and reasoning questions while conducting all types of certification examinations for software of competitive exams. This feature enables to answer mathematical and reasoning questions. Now, you can secure your online exams with HiringTek’s AI-powered remote proctoring mechanism, which can prevent the process from cheating and malpractices.

Ability to add own questions

Candidates can add any type of questions on their own by logging into HiringTek’s platform. We have dedicated a question and answer (QA) section for the candidates to refer to and prepare for all types of exams and interviews, this can be access anytime anywhere.

10K+ Aptitude Questions

HiringTek’s QA Bank has 10K+ aptitude questions with the answers for reference to the candidates and can be access free of cost. Our QA Bank Team has designed this feature to be user friendly for navigating through the software. Candidates can review all types of questions and answers, including subject related, data interpretation, logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, etc.

Customize Time Limits

HiringTek’s AI-Recruiter designed a time limit feature for all the video & oral interview questions, answers must be provide within a specified time limit for the given coding, aptitude or math questions. Recruiters can conduct the interviews as per the scheduled time and date automatically. This feature gives candidates more like a virtual, visual questionnaire and less like an interview.

Integrated chat support

Our customer service systems are highly integrated with 24/7 live chat and email support which provides instant guidance whenever required. HiringTek has well-trained resources to provide 24/7 support and service to our clients. Our 24/7 chat/email support services are offered through real-time live chat and email service to the users.

Get Exam Results Instantly

The trend has been changed for the online exams; HiringTek simplified the technology and offers a new trend for taking online exams with instant exam results. This feature gives instant exam results with an accurate score to easily evaluate the best candidates. Our platform supports all types of online exams or interviews to take the exams or interviews and provides exam results instantly.

Scalable 10K+ Exams simultaneously

HiringTek is capable of conducting 10K+ exams simultaneously at the same time with the minimum requirements of a laptop, a webcam and internet connection. This feature enables recruiters to take online video interviews or exams and keep a track of the performance of each candidate with instant interview or exam results.