HiringTek’s AI-Evaluation is a unique feature like communication evaluation, confidence evaluation, auto technical evaluation, written communication evaluation, and customizes time limits. Auto-Evaluation is the main key in the hiring process, so this needs real-time accurate evaluation without any errors. We have designed our auto-evaluation feature to give 100% accuracy without errors.  Auto-Evaluation is changing the world of assessments in the field of online exams or online video interview platforms.

Automated Final Results with Top Ranking Candidates

AI-based auto-evaluation feature automatically screens the candidates based on the completed interviews and gives final results with top rank candidates. Automated evaluation is the best way to scale hiring processes by selecting the top rank candidates easier and faster. HiringTek helps the recruiters to schedule, interview, evaluate and automate the final results to hire right candidates.

Written Communication Evaluation

Written communication is considered one of the most critical competencies for academic and career success. A next-generation assessment for written communication competency has fully automatic evaluation by HiringTek. Automated written communication evaluations such as chatbots powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) communicate with the users in a human-like way.

Auto Technical Evaluation

For any kind of technical or software related interview evaluations we need the person who has the technical knowledge to evaluate. HiringTek has implemented auto technical evaluation, which accurately evaluates all technical interviews or exams automatically without human intervention. We follow the standard technical evaluation process to evaluate all the coding or programming interviews or exams.

Confidence Evaluation

HiringTek using AI deep learning algorithm to evaluate the interview candidates' confidence by monitoring their facial expressions and the way they give technical answers. This feature shows the confidence level of the candidates’ technical knowledge on that subject and helps the recruiter to hire the best candidate.

Highlight Suspicious activity with video markers

During the live interview process, the software automatically highlights any suspicious activities and reports them to the hiring authorities. This feature enables potential security against threats when using these algorithms to monitor live interviews for any suspicious activities. Artificial Intelligence is used to scan the entire screen during the interview process and detects any fraudulent activities and transforms the reports for evaluation.

Get Exam Results Instantly

Our AI based platform gives instant results for the interviews or exams taken by the candidate. This feature really helps recruiters to hire faster with accurate feedback of the candidates. We have designed the results page with graphical oriented and user friendly features for the users to easily identify the candidates' performance during the interview process.

Communication Evaluation

We gaze the level of communication of each candidate based on the answers provided by the candidates during the interview process. HiringTek’s fully automated evaluation feature provides real time communication evaluation and converts the speech to text. This evaluation will be stored in the database and can be playback at anytime and anywhere for any clarifications.

Automated Scoring

Based on the predefined scoring for each questions, our AI feature scores each candidates' answers given for each particular question. Also, it will provide automated scoring for communication and confidence scoring as well. HiringTek’s automated scoring is more effective and reduces the time compared to human scoring and also makes the score realistic.

Interview transcript

HiringTek’s fully automated interview transcription is organized and makes each candidates' interview recording easily accessible. This AI interview transcript feature takes only a few minutes to transcribe the live interviews with good clarity and quality and converts them into text and uploads the files to the database.